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Covini is a well-known, niche and exclusive sports car brand in Italy. A very high scale luxury supercar brand and the only one featuring 6 wheels of passion!

The company was founded in 1978 from the vision and passion of Ferruccio Covini, a mechanical engineer with the desire to create something unique and long lasting.

The latest prototype is the C3A, the only 6 wheeled sports car, which was recently presented at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Covini has developed a roadster version, Covini C3A and a track version, Covini Speedster.

Its unique features allow the car to benefit from:

  • increased braking power
  • more grip due to the increased rubberised surface
  • better road holding as a result of the lower weight of the unsprung masses
  • more responsive handling
  • better front end aerodynamics
  • more comfortable ride with a 6 tiered suspension system

All in all, a safer drive, especially at high speed!

Covini C3A

The only 6 wheeler supercar, completely bespoke, customisable, and with individual production number and name.