Ing. Covini

Ing. Ferruccio Covini has an engineering degree in mechanics and has received major achievements in planning and developing new automotive projects.

His latest achievement has been a book, published in 2014, a novel telling the story of a group of young friends growing up in the Italy of the 1950’s and 60’s with all its challenges, dreams and adventures, all around Via Emilia and with of course an insight into the cars and motors of that time.


But his history is all about engineering! After working as a planning engineer, he set up Covini Engineering in Italy, a copmany specialising in automotive and mechanical projects, developing different projects in collaboration with various companies in this sector, including Chevrolet, Pirelli, Momo, Brembo, Bosch and a couple of European Universities.

As an entrepreneur he has developed international projects in collaboration with Chevrolet, Cadillac and Dragon Fly.

Currently he’s following the C3A project for the development of an exclusive 6 wheeled sport car on road, as well as the Speedster project for the development of a 6 wheeled racing car.

F. Covini developing his C3A prototype

A dream becomes reality