Covini C3A

The exquisite handcrafted Covini C3A is the only supercar with a six-wheel configuration. Powered by an Audi 4.2 litre V8 engine that produces nearly 500bhp with a lightweight 1150kg carbon fibre body, the C3A is capable of exceeding speeds of 300kph (190mph). A V12 engine upgrade is also available.

The inspiration came after Covini noticed how little grip and comfort his four-wheeled cars had, particulary in unfavourable road conditions. Covini Engineering set to develop a car that would offer greater power, braking and handing performance than any other car.

Advantages of the 6 wheels
Increased braking power from the 6 discs and less overheating
Greater tyre surface to offer more grip and traction
Higher cornering speeds
Less aquaplaning in wet conditions as the two foremost wheels clear the water and allow adhesion for the second set
Beter directional stability and grip, due to the lower weight of the unsprung masses
Six-tiered suspension system provides comfort, absorbing road turbulence
Better front end aerodynamics
In the event of front tyre deflation, the car will be controlled by the other wheel
Produces less understeer than conventional designs
Overall, more active and passive safety features

Not only will the client be spoilt by the six-wheeled driving sensation, but also the level of personalisation. Each car is exclusive, tailor made to meet individual requirements. This includes a highly developed range of sophisticated electronics and technical packages. Such features wil include telemetry, car domotics and race control, all of which can be made accessible and controlled from a mobile phone.

ENGINE Rear, longitudinal, 8 cylinder in V formation, 4 valves per cylinder, naturally aspirated, petrol direct injection Bosch-motronic. Or optional V12 engine.
CAPACITY 4200 cc
MAX POWER 440 PS (325KW) at 6400 rpm
MAX TORQUE About 470 Nm at 2700 rpm
TRANSMISSION Rear wheel drive transaxle
GEARBOX Mechanical 6-speed + reverse. Manual and electro-hydraulic steeringwheel mounted servo
CHASSIS Steel tubular with carbon fibre reinforcements and structural parts
SUSPENSION Independent front and rear wishbones
WHEELS AND TYRES Front 15in wheels with 205/45-15 tyres; rear 20in with 345/25-20 tyres
BRAKES Front and rear vented Brembo discs. Bosch servo and electronic brake distribution
BODYWORK Glass fibre and carbon fibre
DIMENSIONS Length 4180mm; width 1990mm; height 1080mm; wheelbase 2230mm/2750mm (to foremost/middle front transaxle); front track 1540mm; rear track 1620mm ; dry weight 1150Kg
PERFORMANCE Top Speed 300 Kph (185mph)   0/60 Km/h: 3.4 Sec

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