Ing. Covini has taken part as a technical advisor in the creation of important projects: he was part of the “Dragon Fly” team for the development of a helicopter bearing the same name; he has drawn the restyling of the Cadillac STS Northstar for the european market; he has designed and constructed other prototypes; he is also the sole consultant for Italy in the sector of isolating/antiseismic viscoelastic systems for special building foundations. One of Covini Engineering’s most important activities is the coordination of scientific/technological research and financial backing for private or state owned companies.

Years Activity
1994/1996 Callaway C7
1988/1996 Elicottero Dragon Fly
1993/1995 Cadillac STS
1994/1996 Go-Kart in carbon fibre
From 1984 KTI Elastic Foundations
1976/1977 Fiat META